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From Knocking on Doors to Making Millions

The best book for direct sellers!

Transform your business with successful direct sales strategies from America's Top Avon Representative! Elizabeth Demas shares the secrets she used to generate more than $6 million dollars in sales.
From Knocking on Doors to Making Millions by Elizabeth Demas
Amazon 5-Star Review: "Elizabeth highlights the top strategies for network marketing sales. Everyone can benefit from the ideas presented in this book. She and her selected experts speak from experience, sharing their best ideas.... Easy to read, yet full of delightful ideas.... I wish I would have had access to this book when I first began network marketing." -- Tom C.
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What's inside? Here's what you'll discover in From Knocking on Doors to Making Millions!
  • Sales success strategies from Elizabeth Demas, the number one Avon rep in America!
  • Tips, tricks, and tactics from nearly two dozen sellers from a variety of companies including Tupperware, doTerra, Coseva, and Silpada, 
  • How to get started with the right direct sales company for you.
  • How to be comfortable and effective with one-to-one selling.
  • The secrets of using the internet to drive your sales to the next level, even if you're not a techie!
  • Creating baskets and gift selling.
  • Working with helpers and sub-sellers.
  • Practical tips to increase your sales by hosting events, classes, and parties.
  • Making fast funds from fundraising sales!
  • How to reach out to strangers anytime you walk out your door!
  • The best practices for door-to-door sales calls and book tossing.
  • A whole different angle... how to sell your products to businesses.
  • Pop-up success with profitable temporary stores.
  • Cash from your car! How to make money with tailgate parties, stores on trailers, and other stores on wheels!
  • Increase sales by setting up a store in your home.
  • Great resources for team building techniques and leadership.
Here are just a few of the contributors to From Knocking on Doors to Making Millions
You will learn from the great minds and proven success of Thomas Schrom III, Adrieene Patrick, Emily Seagren, Dr. Paul Jernigan, Theresa Paul, Jeanpierre Bongiovi, Tracy Carden-Mason, Bell & Julio Hernandez, Suzy Ishmael, Lynn Huber, Ariene Cathey, Lisbeth House, Thonda Dingman, Susan Zabel, Binney Fischella, Alice Chisholm, Susan Hamel, Mary Cavenaugh, Kathy Dilley, Rhonda Henderson, Debra Allen, Lisa Scola, and Sarah Buckley.
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